The snack aisle is full of “Extreme!” flavors and nutritional panels that read like they’re a recipe for plastic. 

So Angie’s created a snack that’s 35 calories a cup, made with all natural ingredients.

Who’s eating this stuff? Ideally, ALL MANKIND.

Our actual target: smart, funny, health-conscious women, who like their ingredients the way they like their brand personalities. Non-fake.


Like the product itself, the brand is light, fun and unconventional. We included hidden gems of wisdom beneath the flap of each bag. The one pictured below: “All any girl ever wants in life is graceful acceptance of her fifth grade haircut.”

Little nuggets in-store and at trade shows, like these signs, shelf-talkers and truck wraps.


Within a few months, Boomchickapop gained distribution in Target, Costco, Whole Foods and many other national grocery chains. Where I excitedly took phone pics of it every time I passed by.