After lots of soul-searching sessions with our team, Allina realized the key to everything lies in the power of people. Health care is only going to become more technological. It's the touches of humanity that will make all the difference. 

So we created a brand to reflect Allina's belief in each and every one of us. To show people inside their organization and outside it, that Allina sees the potential in us all—even when we forget it's there.

We also helped Allina develop new lines of business, a new customer journey, a new way to approach their digital strategy, and some new thinking around how their clinic spaces are designed. 

This anthem video and other traditional media were just phase one. The talk. But for people to know you mean it, you have to walk the walk. 

So we're also doing a cool community engagement project that, long story short, is going to help some Twin Cities residents live better than they ever thought possible. It's the second phase in Allina's launch campaign, and it's something Zeus Jones will be releasing around Thanksgiving.